Youth Camp Terms and Conditions

Camp Guidelines

Our camp is built on the principle Jesus left for us in His Word: "Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40.

A schedule is posted of required activities (i.e. group morning devotions, church services, and teaching sessions) and optional activities (i.e. meals and recreational activities).

Terms and Conditions

    1. I will sign up and pay for camp before arrival.
    2. I will arrange my own transportation to and from camp and bring my own bedding.
    3. I will arrive at camp during the arrival time.
    4. I will park where designated by security and not move my vehicle during camp.
    5. I will sleep only in my registered room for the duration of camp.
    6. I will not leave the camp property during camp.
    7. I will get up on time in the morning and attend in entirety all required activities.
    8. I will not bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, firearms, fireworks, off-road vehicles, or illegal or offensive items to camp.
  • I understand that any violation means (1) I could be sent home without reimbursement of funds, (2) I may be reported to my family/civil/church authorities, and (3) I could be held responsible to pay for any damaging behavior.